SEO for schools and courses

SEO for schools and courses

This is our case with a client from Spain from a beauty niche. 

In the beginning it was… 

a mess. Again. 99% of websites come to us are completely not optimized and have hudreds of errors. Website was developed on Wordpress – one of the most powerful CMS, but with a lot of issues since it was developed by an amateur. 

75 pages with 404 errors 

140 redirects 

14 redirect chains (URL1->URL2->URL3…) 

61 page with the same description 

150 images without alt attributes 

6 pages without H1 

PageSpeed Insights rated website with the red zone for mobile and yellow – for desktop version. 

Backlinsk profile – 14 backlinks from local directories in Italy (website has 2 language versions). 

The goal was: Become a #1 beauty school (eyelashes and eyebrows care) in the biggest cities of Spain. 

Website had 0 visibility in Spain and no international SEO settings. 

Content. The homepage and several other landing pages had unique content with USP, so we only needed to extend it and stuff a few keywords we targeted. 

Milestone 1 – always the same for any client – create an SEO-rocket 

Technical SEO 

Since the previous website developer has gone (not surprisingly after his “work”), we delivered on-site SEO by our team: 

Deleted 404 pages and deleted all links that followed to those 404 in code of other pages 

Fixed redirects by changing the starting URLs to the final destinations URLs in the code; 

Wrote unique descriptions with USPs and targeted keywords, added emojis 

Wrote unique H1s with USPs and targeted keywords, added emojis 

Filled all empty ALTs 

Increased loading speed to green zone for each website version 


After keyword research we’ve provided: 

Edits for current titles, descriptions and headers 

New optimized titles, descriptions and headers 

Formula to generate alts for images 

Content for landing pages that targeted each city (around 800 words with USPs for each page) 

Thanks to Kubas Labs (web development company of our client) all edits was delivered to production very fast. 

Link building strategy 

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel: 

We’ve checked the top 20 competitors backlinks profile (where did they get the backlinks from) 

Analyzed anchor list and backlinks properties (just general information to see what are the common practices are for this niche – .edu referring domains, commercial anchors ratio, etc.) 

Created a list of websites to outreach and niche high-quality directories to submit 

Created a list of beauty bloggers for an outreach 

Now that the project team has delivered all changes to the website in September 2018 we’ve requested indexing in Google Search Console and started the link-building process. 

Milestone 2: Link building 

As of November 20, 2019, the website has the following: 

67 referring domains 

approximately 260 backlinks 

a nofollow/dofollow backlinks ratio of 73/27 

We’ve started with basic link-building strategy as we would for any other project, repeating competitors’ practices. But we’ve found… 

… a KEY to success 

After in-depth research (do your homework!) we’ve found an opportunity to generate around a hundred of organic dofollow backlinks from a domain in beauty niche in Spain with DR over 50: 

Results in 12 months 

Note: this project paused SEO activity from February till June 2019 due to internal business issues. Still a pause in a link building didn’t become an issue to reach the goal when we’ve continued. 

Advice 1: Don’t panic if you see that your website positions are out of TOP100 during the first months; this is a pretty regular situation. 

Advice 2: When you stop link building process you don’t lose the positions, unless you got the toxic backlinks from black-hat SEO providers

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